Anonymous:  Just A question, If I where to try out for a character today How long would it take u to aprove of a member and how do you let them know there part of the group?

It would usually take only a few hours and I would let them know by posting your application onto the tumblr. (:

Anonymous:  What needs to be in the application video?

Just the stuff stated in the application, silly!

(OOC questions)

Name: Adam
Age: 23
Location: All the way in the UK!

(Now get in character! Everything, dude… whether it be a stuffy nose or British accent or WHATEVER!)

Name: Joshua “Josh” Meyers
Age: 17
Friends: For some odd reason, I can never seem to keep many friends around. The few cell-mates I’ve had during my time at Park County Juvenile Hall have all sought to cut their lives short within twenty-four hours of meeting me.
Personality: I’m very well-read and, while the various psychiatrists sent my way are quick to label me as “sociopathic”, I assure those reading, I am not, as I CAN feel emotion, and do so quite often. And, of course, my passion is the art that is toilet-papering.
Recent Crush: My only love through my seventeen years has been TPing houses.
What You Did Today: Sadly, my days are very mundane. I wake up, I eat my meals, I perhaps sketch some and, very recently, due to my impending release, I have been allowed computer and Internet privileges.


Seriously awesome, dude. We were all wondering who you were because we’ve never had an actual guy participate ahaha. It’s nice to meet you, and welcome!

"Just a question, not an application! :) Sorry if I’ve missed the ask box, I’m having a dippy day. Anyway, I was wondering if it’s okay to roleplay more minor characters, like Porsche from Raisins or Tammy Warner in The Ring? 

Either way, I love the idea you’ve got going here. Thankss :) “


To answer your question, yep! You can roleplay anyone you want, girl~

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…A Gregory too. Either or both would be fucking fantastic.